Monday, 18 January 2010

Buy before spring for the best property deals

January inevitably sees a rush of sellers looking to place their properties on the market and many clued-up buyers are also keen to buy before prices start to increase during the spring.

The key to success for buyers is to ensure their property stands out from the crowd in order to get the market value for their homes.

First impressions always count, and the recession has proved that this is truer than ever. The basic rules apply wherever you live, and a small amount of time and money can make all the difference.

For purchasers, it really is a buyers market. Realistic house prices, priced sensibly for a quick sale, can be a good investment – as long as you have a decent deposit to secure a mortgage deal.

In terms of types of property, because of the glut of new apartments on the market, it is those with family homes to sell in the region that will boom in 2010. This year should see a slow and gradual strengthening of the property market as well continued success in the lettings industry.

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Monday, 4 January 2010

Landlords urged not to lose out

Many rental properties are not adequately safeguarded against possible weather damage such as burst or frozen pipes or ill-fitting or broken roof tiles which can lead to major problems.

It can be extremely stressful when problems arise. Many landlords work full-time and have other obligations so making sure their rental property is well maintained, especially during adverse weather conditions, although a very high priority can be difficult. This is why it is so important to choose a lettings agent carefully and to consider how the property will be managed.

For example, something as straightforward as a tile which has blown off the roof, can lead to major problems. Replacing the tile will cost very little but if snow or rain seeps through damaging ceilings and walls it can be very expensive. We advise landlords to always consider a full-management service as in the long-run it can save a lot of money not to mention time and inconvenience.

We offer a full property management service with highly trained staff who visit properties regularly and are also very knowledgeable about developments in the law affecting landlords which gives great peace of mind.

We also advise that landlords should appoint an agent who is registered with the Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA) whose members are governed by a strict code of practice.

ARLA Membership is achieved only by agents who demonstrate that they have a thorough knowledge of their profession and conduct their business according to current best management practice. All members are required to have professional indemnity insurance cover and are covered by a bonding scheme which provides financial protection for client monies which have been misappropriated. Appointing an ARLA-approved letting agent means the landlord will receive the professional help he or she needs to realise a rental income without the constant worry that something could go wrong.

All landlords want to safeguard their properties which are extremely important financial assets. Choosing an ARLA member and also undertaking a full management service are simple steps which alleviate unnecessary stress.

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