Thursday, 22 January 2009

Why rent when you can buy?

haart is offering comparison mortgage prices on all our rental property details. Although many people are reluctant to buy in the current market, it has become a cheaper option for those able to make a down payment.

The start of the year is often a time of change, with people moving jobs, more divorces and alterations in personal circumstances, all of which result in people upping sticks and moving house.

What could be better than living in your own home and enjoying your own tasteful d├ęcor, while capitalising on current low prices for long-term investment? It really is a good a time to snap up a bargain.

Because of the economic downturn, people believe that they cannot afford to buy or that lenders are unwilling to lend. This is simply not the case. Now is the time to take advantage of competitive property prices and invest in your own bricks and mortar.

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