Monday, 22 September 2008

Property safe haven for uncertain investors

Investors who have lost faith in the stock market and banks and want something tangible for their money are increasingly turning to bricks and mortar as a safe place to invest their funds. Estate agents are currently noticing a strong growth in interest in all types of property, from dilapidated terraced houses to top-end mews apartments.

The credit crunch has pushed the price of property down, making it an increasingly sensible investment. What’s more, the cash buyer is in a far stronger position to negotiate price reductions than the person with a mortgage.

Capital prices have plummeted by between 15 and 20 percent in recent months as mortgage lenders tighten the purse strings. The sharp drop in values means residential property in particular is an increasingly attractive long term investment for investors with liquid funds.

The trend we are noticing very strongly is for people to turn their back on paper investments and put their spare cash into something they can touch and feel.

In the short term, the property market may go up and it may also go down, as we’ve seen. But the canny cash buyer can currently see income yields of up to eight percent. Equally importantly, their money is safer in property than in other forms of investment or savings which may no longer be the safe options they appeared.

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